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Isn’t it best fishing in the morning?

Not necessarily. Fish in the Pacific Ocean travel and feed with the currents, tides and temperature of water. At different times of the year different species pass through our waters.


Can anyone do it?

Of course, anyone can! We have a well trained crew that will guide you and help you every step of the way. Keep in mind though, that the gear can be heavy, and younger children will most likely have trouble.


Don’t you get tired of reeling?

Sometimes. But you will be very surprised how much energy you have when your adrenalin is flowing! But if you are all out of energy the crew will pull line for you and make it easier to reel.


What kind of fish do you catch and how big are they?

We catch a variety of Marlin -- Blue, Black Striper, Broad Bill and Spearfish. Tuna -- Ahi, Yellow fin, Big eye, Koshibi, Aku, Tombo and Kava Kava. Mahi Mahi (Dorado or Dolphin), Ono ( Wahoo), Rainbow Runner, Ulua, Baracuda, Kahala. The fish can range from 3 lbs up to around a thousand lbs.


What if I get sea sick?

There are preventatives. You can get patches from a doctor or sea bands from the drug store which press on pressure points on your wrist. They also have products like Dramamine and Bonine. It's good to take one the night before and one an hour before you get on the boat. This seems to work very well for most people. It's also good not to eat greasy or acidic foods prior to the charter. Eat a light meal which includes things like bagels, toast or muffins before you get on board. Once you're on board saltine crackers help if your stomach feels a little queasy.

For some people, seasickness is inevitable regardless of what they try. In such cases, please understand, we are not able to provide refunds.


How do we dress?

Dress in layers, light jacket or sweatshirt, T-shirt, swim trunks, bathing suit or shorts and a pair of rubber sole shoes.


What do we bring?

Camera, sun screen, hat and sunglasses.


Do you supply food?

e do provide soda, however guests must provide their own food and any other beverages they like (no glass bottle please). We have coolers and ice on board for your supplies, so there's no need for coolers.


Are we expected to tip the captain and crew?

Like many other service industries, tipping is customary if you feel you are served well.


Do you see Dolphins?

I've been on the waters here in Hawaii for 20 years and you see all kinds of marine life. Turtles, all kinds of Dolphins (Bottle Nose, Spinner, and Spotted), Pilot Whale, Humpback Whale, Whale Sharks, Monk Seals...etc. The Humpback Whale also breeds here in the Hawaiian waters December Through April. We also do Private whale watches or we do a combination fishing/ whale watch trip and make the whole family happy.


What do you do with the fish?

When we catch a fish that is under 50 lbs. that's good to eat like Mahi Mahi, Ono, Aku, Koshibi, Kava Kava, Ulua or Rainbow Runner we will cut one and make filets for everyone on board to have a nice dinner or BBQ. We will also cut some sashimi for Pupus (appetizers) at the dock. Our captain and crew have a variety of Hawaiian Style recipes for cooking fish to help you have a meal to remember on Kauai.


gyotaku print - marlinWhat if we catch a "trophy" fish??

Hana Pa'a Charters can mount your catch through Grays Taxidermy in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. We also can print the actual fish that you caught in the old gyotaku style. In two or three days it can be ready to take home with you! This is a very unique way that other boats don't offer. To view a few sample gyotaku, click here.


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